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Who do you get along with in Johnny’s?

Morita Myuto. We were in the same dressing room during Johnny’s World last year and got along really well.

(Iwamoto - 2013.10 Duet)

This is from a while ago though, Myuto kept telling me “Come watch! Come watch!” so I went to watch Playzone. While dancing happily, Myuto appealed to me in the audience seat (laugh). He asked me “How was it?”so I told him “Shouldn’t it be a little more?”. He seemed happy to hear that and said “Watch out for what’s next”. That docility made me think “so cute, I love you” once again (laugh)

(Iwamoto - 2013.10 Wink Up - I suppose there are mistakes with this one and it’s like a BL scene)

This time let’s go somewhere together!

(From Iwamoto to Myuto - 2013.10 Wink Up dengonban)

I’m quite shy, so at the filming site I couldn’t start conversations and sticked to Iwamocchan all the time. Whenever he moved, I moved along with him. My beloved big brother

I love clothes, so I go shopping a lot. I am the type that is more attracted to old clothes with a loose feeling than a cool leather jacket. Recently I got a stripe shirt  When I find an item that feels like fate, I buy it immediately, so they gradually increase. Because of that, my mother gets angry with me “You went shopping again?” really scary! I also like bikes, now I’m using a pure white cross bike. The speed is super fast, so I can go really far. I rode all the way to Kamakura or Seiseki Sakuragaoka which is the model for my favorite movie “Mimi wo Sumaseba” (Whisper of the Heart)!

(2013.08 Myojo)

Recently I go eating by myself at a really good abura soba shop. 3-4 times a week, that’s quite much isn’t it? I’m the type that keeps on eating a lot once I like something. In the past it was parsley and glucose (laugh). When eating abura soba I like to add both chili oil and vinegar. It’s pretty oily but since I want to gain weight, I can continue eating without worrying.

(2013.08 Duet)

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